Custom Loan Strategy

Because loan solutions should never be “one size fits all,” we deliver the Power of Choice in loan customization.

Because we can leverage our size and our unparalleled reputation, we developed a proprietary multiple lender platform that matches clients with the optimum lender offering the most competitive rates and terms in the marketplace.

Policy Restructuring Strategy

Many high net worth clients already own significant amounts of life insurance.  Instead of simply replacing these existing policies, we look for ways to make them more efficient through integration of our Capital Maximization Strategy.  As a result, we achieve the following results:

  • Discount client’s out of pocket cash flow for their life insurance portfolio
  • Increase the overall death benefit
  • Create a line of credit to free up assets

Policy Audit

Our experience and objectivity allows us to review existing life insurance portfolios to uncover potential enhancements that will significantly improve performance.  Because the life insurance marketplace is fluid, a policy audit is an invaluable tool that allows us to:

  • Ensure existing life insurance policies perform competitively
  • Enhance your current life insurance policy portfolio using Capital Maximization Strategy

Line of Credit

Succession Capital Alliance has the ability to secure a line of credit using the cash value of an existing or new life insurance policy.  This can be used to acquire additional life insurance coverage for personal, estate or business planning purposes.  It can also maintain the integrity of the original policy while creating opportunities to increase the overall life insurance portfolio value.