Why should I consider a customized Capital Maximization Strategy?

Clients typically understand the “traditional” way to structure and pay for permanent life insurance, but Succession Capital Alliance gives you a more effective and beneficial choice.  By comparing the option of traditional cash payments against Capital Maximization Strategy, you will gain the information necessary to make the best choice for your own, unique financial situation.  Even if you ultimately decide not to use the strategy, you can benefit from exploring the Power of Choice.

Do I qualify for a Capital Maximization Strategy?

Our programs have been designed for clients that have an established life insurance need, whose net worth exceeds $5,000,000 (liquid and illiquid assets).

What if I already own life insurance?

We offer our clients the Power of Choice.  In reviewing your existing life insurance portfolio, we typically find many opportunities to enhance a client’s position.  We can integrate our Capital Maximization Strategy into an existing insurance portfolio.

How do I engage Succession Capital Alliance?

Contact us directly to schedule a confidential interview or ask your advisor to contact us on your behalf.