CMS Strategy

CMS Strategy

Our customized Capital Maximization Strategy delivers a powerful, flexible and efficient option for permanent life insurance premium payments.

While most high net worth individuals recognize the benefits of permanent life insurance in estate, business and asset accumulation planning, purchasing a life insurance policy can require significant out-of-pocket premium payments.  As with any other large financial commitment, you want to choose the most efficient and cost effective premium payment solution.  Our experienced professionals can perform a comparative analysis between your customized Capital Maximization Strategy solution against traditional payments to assist in your decision.

We put the Power of Choice in your hands.

Our customized Capital Maximization Strategy can…

  • Lower your out-of-pocket payments for permanent life insurance
  • Increase the death benefit and cash value performance of your life insurance portfolio
  • Provide additional flexibility in your insurance planning
  • Reduce the impact on your existing investments and cash flow
  • Beneficially restructure your existing permanent life insurance policies
  • Improve your cash flow