How do I engage your firm?

We will take the time to show you what we do by sharing case examples to illustrate the power of Capital Maximization Strategy, as well as showing you how we present it to the client.  Please contact our firm to schedule a one-on-one Webinar with one of our associates.

How does Capital Maximization Strategy work?

Capital Maximization Strategy is a smarter way to buy life insurance.  We obtain favorable, customized loan terms from premier lenders, and your client uses the loan proceeds to purchase the policy.  This “intelligent leverage” frees up your client’s assets and reduces cash flow.

My clients can afford to pay the premiums; why should they finance the policy?

Our goal is simple: to show the client the best way to structure their life insurance portfolio for maximum performance and flexibility.  High net worth clients seek to maximize the return on their assets.  With that in mind, we show clients a choice: pay cash or use Capital Maximization Strategy. We compare both options side-by-side in a detailed, easy to understand manner, allowing the client to make an informed choice.

What are the requirements to qualify for premium financing?

The primary requirement is net worth ($5 million or greater) and the need for life insurance protection.  We can discuss this with you in more detail to determine the viability of a client.

Why should I present Capital Maximization Strategy financing to my client?

We demonstrate that properly designed premium financing like Capital Maximization Strategy represents one of the most powerful tools for high net worth clients’ life insurance portfolios.  We show clients and their Advisors the clear advantages of Capital Maximization Strategy, and why it is a better way to buy and structure life insurance portfolios.  Capital Maximization Strategy provides clients with the Power of Choice.  

Is Succession Capital Alliance a lender?

No, we are not a lender.  However, as the longest running and largest premium financing program in the insurance industry, Succession Capital Alliance uses a proprietary multiple lender platform to assure the most competitive rates and terms for your high net worth clients.   Also, given the fact that we are not a lender, clients feel secure knowing that we have no financial incentive for them to choose a  financed option, and also know that we only have the client’s best interests in mind in choosing a lender.

What is the value of working with Succession Capital Alliance?

Advisors benefit from our experience in communicating, designing, and implementing the most cost effective premium financing strategy for clients.  Our proven track record is unsurpassed and recognized by major carriers. You can leverage that credibility with your clients to obtain the most competitive loan rates and case designs to help clients move forward with their planning.  We have done more business than anyone else in premium financing; we know how to get cases to the finish line using flexible, conservative case designs and proactive annual reviews for long-term success.