I have been in the life insurance business for over 41 years. I believe the most important aspect of my success is creating competitive advantages that separate my firm from the rest. So, I have diligently focused my practice on having many arrows in my quiver. The partnership I have enjoyed with Succession Capital Alliance over the past 3 years has allowed me to add another critical arrow. So far, we have together placed 3 cases with an aggregate death benefit that exceeds $80 million. Their expertise in dealing with my wealthy clients and their many advisors has been exemplary to say the least. It goes without saying; I am looking forward to the next opportunity to bring them into another creatively designed case.

- Paul Gullickson Senior Partner, The Gullickson Group

Our Team at Conover Feek has come to entrust Succession Capital Alliance as a Strategic Partner and Reliable Mentor. SCA's advanced expertise, professionalism, ever-evolving vision, servicing capabilities and "clout" in the marketplace has made them the Gold Standard in the Premium Financing space. Our partnership with SCA has empowered us with the confidence to execute at the highest levels of life insurance solutions for our affluent and executive benefit clientele across the nation. We are appreciative of SCA's support and proud to count them among our Most Valued Resource Alliances.    

- Jim Feek, CEP, RFC Vice President