About Us

About Us

Succession Capital Alliance delivers the “Power of Choice” in life insurance policy financing. As the “gold standard” in the industry, we work as  advisors to  advisors, helping clients achieve optimal customization in life insurance financing through our proprietary Capital Maximization Strategy.

 A History of Long-Term Success…

Capital Maximization Strategy (CMS) was created in 1996 by CEO of Succession Capital Alliance Julian Movsesian.   As the first traditional premium financing program in the country, CMS is known as the “gold standard” of the insurance industry, placing over $42 billion of life insurance protection with a financed premium portfolio exceeding $4 billion.   Utilizing proprietary, proven strategies to add value to permanent life insurance for high net worth clients, Capital Maximization Strategy is recognized as the country’s most advantageous and reputable program by financial professionals, attorneys and life insurance carriers.